Welcome to Katrina Murphy Industrial Relations


Katrina Murphy founded the national human resources management consulting firm, Katrina Murphy Industrial Relations Pty Ltd in 2006. Prior to KMIR, Katrina was the sole founder and Managing Director of Kamcorp Pty Ltd from 1994 to 2006.

Katrina’s goal is to secure the goals of her employer clients, fairly, energetically and relentlessly.   KMIR is a highly successful sole practitioner firm, working for over thirty national clients in the recruitment, retail, health, wholesale, technology, manufacturing, not-for-profit, security, business services and energy industries across Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Katrina’s mission, commenced with Kamcorp and now brought to full fruition with KMIR, is to be a trusted, long-term expert friend to her employer clients.  She provides straight forward answers to difficult workplace problems.  Katrina works with her clients, training their managers, advising with strategy or technical matters, dealing with emergencies, conflict and complaints in an honest, empathetic, personal and professional manner.

Katrina understands that the responsibilities of every size and type of employer are difficult and challenging.  Management is tough and can at times, seem overwhelming. KMIR helps management get through the tough times, helps solve the problems and gives practical strategies so that the problems may not happen again.