Bullying is an area that all employers must get right to meet the requirements of Australian law and to have an effective workplace. 

KMIR assists our employer clients by:

  • drafting and implementing an effective policy and procedure on bullying in the workplace.
  • training managers and employees in what bullying means and how to  apply what they learn to deal effectively with bullying in the workplace.
  • assisting with investigation of bullying complaints.
  • advising on best practice initiatives to rid workplaces of bullying.
  • advising on disciplinary action for breach of the bullying policy.
  • assisting employers with defence of bullying claims in Fair Work Commission with effective documentation and advocacy. 
  • representing clients at conciliations or facilitating mediations on bullying issues.

KMIR also has an on-going professional interest in the vile workplace sociopath, which we colloquially call The Shiny Human Cockroach.   This insidious breed is becoming increasingly common in workplaces of all shapes and sizes.   We are passionately committed to helping employers to weed them out.  Please feel free to chat to Katrina about how we can help you in this area. 

For further advice and information on this topic, refer to the ‘Articles’ section of the KMIR website.