Dispute Resolution


Dispute resolution is a speciality of KMIR.   KMIR assists our employer clients by:

  • drafting and implementing an effective disputes and grievance handling policy and procedure that suits your workplace culture
  • training managers and employees in disputes resolution methods and how to apply what they learn to deal effectively with grievances and disputes in the workplace.
  • assisting employers with disputes of all types in Fair Work Commission with effective documentation and advocacy.
  • representing clients at conciliations or facilitating mediations on workplace disputes and grievances issues.
  • advising clients on the merits and standing of employee and/or union grievances and disputes.

Every workplace experiences conflict of one sort or another at every stage of its development.  The first step is to promptly recognise what is occurring and identify it as conflict.   The second step is to rapidly contact KMIR.  The third step is to resolve the conflict with KMIR’s help in a constructive way that promotes new positive growth and engagement in workplace culture.

For further advice and information on this topic, refer to the ‘Articles’ section of the KMIR website.