Employee Contracts


Your business needs the security of carefully crafted, correct and reliable employment agreements and contracts that are specifically suited to the needs of your business and your workplace culture.  KMIR has been developing effective agreements and contracts for our clients in diverse industries and sectors since 1994.   Our contracts are easy to read and effective.  KMIR believes that a 30 page contract of densely worded legalese that no one understands or even reads is not the way to do business, and in particular is not the way to deal with human beings.

Our contractual methods and recommendations stand up to testing by Fair Work Commission and other tribunals that all employers must be aware of.  KMIR can assist you in developing and implementing an effective strategy to implement new or re-drafted employment agreements and contracts.   We can do this by helping you design a plan for roll-out of new contracts, we can write a script for your managers to follow and/or we can come out on site and help explain the new contracts to your employees.   Our objective is a result where the employer and employees all feel that they have in place a secure, practical, fair and reliable set of terms and conditions.   

KMIR can assist with all contracts and agreements and provide reliable advice on all employment conditions and contractual matters, from shop floor level to executive agreements.

Key issues are:

  • Permanent, casual, part-time, fixed term, contractor?
  • Remuneration and conditions – what is possible/lawful under Award/Fair Work Act and what is best for you?
  • Restraint of trade
  • Confidentiality
  • Key conduct, performance and policy issues important for your business
  • Termination.    

For further advice and information on this topic, refer to the ‘Articles’ section of the KMIR website.