Equal Employment Opportunity


KMIR assists our employer clients with effective Equal Employment Opportunity management in seven key ways:

  • help with drafting and implementing effective policies and procedures.
  • training managers and employees in principles of EEO and how they apply in the workplace.
  • assisting with investigation of EEO complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • advising on best practice EEO initiatives in workplaces.
  • advising on disciplinary action for breach of EEO policy in workplaces.
  • assisting employers with defence of EEO claims in State or Territory Tribunals with effective documentation and advocacy.
  • representing clients at conciliations or facilitating mediations on EEO issues.

EEO is not about censoring personal opinion – it is about everyone in a workplace complying with the law.  All our advice and training focusses on this key message.  EEO is not a choice, it is not about choosing to be “politically correct” – it is about being compliant with some very clear statutory requirements.

For further advice and information on this topic, refer to the ‘Articles’ section of the KMIR website.